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Our product: insight and understanding


With decades of experience in vegetation research and its translation into advice for management and policy, De Ronde & Haveman is your partner in the entire nature information chain, from collecting vegetation data to providing practical advice and courses. The focus is not on the collection of data, however important this may be, but always on the development of insight and understanding. Without insight no useful advice! Our philosophy is that the unbiased description of the vegetation is a necessary step for a correct interpretation of the collected data and understanding of the landscape. Therefore, we always work from the local situation, with an eye for the landscape context. In this way we want to contribute to the integral knowledge of the local system, at the service of better design and management. And of course we like to share this knowledge!


In addition to a classical vegetation mapping, you can contact us for many other matters related to vegetation science or landscape ecology. De Ronde & Haveman can help you with the supervision of vegetation mapping projects, give you management advice based on a plant sociological description of your terrain(s), help you with the description of animal habitats based on vegetation, or give advice for greening in the agricultural, urban or industrial environment. We perform landscape ecological system analyses, the drafting of management plans, the inventory of brambles, or give lectures or courses. Feel free to browse through the links on this page to get an idea of what we could do for you, or visit our expertise page. For questions or inquirements, fill out the inquiry form on our contact page, or call one of us.

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