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Wittfogel's natuurmoment
2024-03-28 20:43 Wittfogel's Nature Moment   By: Rense Haveman   Prologue: I wrote this story several weeks ago, but because the publication of Stratiotes was somewhat delayed, the natural moment to publish this blog was pushed further back than hoped. The plums are long past their peak, the cherries are in ...
Dreamnature, Kowarik and the Urban Ecosystem
2023-12-22 14:50 Dreamnature, Kowarik, and the Urban Ecosystem   By: Rense Haveman   It's a derogatory term, "dreamnature" (wensnatuur in Dutch, lit. "wish nature"). It penetrated as far as the Lower House of Parliament, partly because Caroline van der Plas is always rather disparaging about it. The BBB, the...
2023 - Our first year
2023-12-18 10:57 2023 - Our first yearBy: Iris de Ronde & Rense Haveman2023 is almost upon us and that also means that we as De Ronde & Haveman are nearing our first full year. Of course, starting your own business takes time. Our main activities early 2023 were creating a website - who are we and what do we really ...
The hawkweeds of Gelderland
2023-08-25 21:52 The hawkweeds of the Province of GelderlandPerhaps there is no country in the world whose flora is as well known as the Netherlands. Professionals have long been studying the distribution of plant species, and the army of volunteers surveying wild plants is still growing. Consequently, the density o...

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